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Our value added services add an extra oomph!


In order to ensure optimum results and maximize efficiency- Our technical sales staff will work with you to help ascertain project requirements, assess formwork options; and assist in the planning, design and safety specifications of your project.

Design Expertise

With enormous experience in the scaffolding and formwork sector, our veteran design and engineering staff understand that each and every project has to be tailor made to the specifics of the project- and thus, will assist in translating your requirements into cost effective formwork and shoring design solutions. This is achieved due to our designers’ knowledge, aptitude and understanding of the capabilities of our equipment range. We pride ourselves on the systems we design- the ARC to our success…. Avant-Garde, Reliable & Cost effective.

On Site Assistance

We thoroughly understand that the customers’ need tend to change due to on-site conditions and we want to help you stay ahead of the cure- that is why we help provide solutions for the necessary design variations and also assist you with hands-on guidance on how to best utilize our equipment and systems in a safe and efficient manner.

Demonstrations & Training

In order to help our customers grasp a detailed vision of the workings and intricacies of our systems- we provide them with product demonstrations and also offer explicit training in the safe and efficient use of our products and systems. Thus, ensuring them 1) Maximization of use and 2) Ensuring safety and product efficacy.

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Emirates Industrial City
United Arab Emirates

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